Mahlatse Goodwill Foundation Period Pride Month At Ivory Park Secondary School In Tembisa

Mahlatse Goodwill foundation (MGF) is register non-profit organisation that is centred around initiatives aimed at empowering and developing children and the youth in our community. We are passionate about children and the youth as we believe that the future solutions and innovations are embedded in them, therefore investing in children and the youth is ultimately investing in our future as a country. Our projects are aimed at assisting the community centres, schools and centres that make an impact in our community and aid them in being the best and continuing to help those in need. Our projects are Period Pride, Annual Blanket drive, Prepare me for University, MGF Bursary and our Annual Christmas party. Mageba Wellness Mageba Wellness is a registered company, founded by Siphesihle Ndaba. Established in 2020, Mageba Wellness is a brand founded on the importance of wholesome health. We empower our clients by aiding them to achieve a balanced and sustainable healthy lifestyle. We do this by helping clients develop healthy habits through nutrition and exercise. Considering the importance of health and accessibility, Mageba Wellness is immersed in projects and movements that encourage the spread of knowledge about health. Therefore Mageba Wellness is fully committed to ensuring the success of Period Pride. Period Pride creates room for others to learn about nutrition, exercise and anatomy while equipping the young ladies with tools to apply all they will be learning.

Period Pride

The purpose of Period Pride is not only to educate but also to destigmatise the stereotypes behind menstruation. We want to help young girls feel comfortable in talking about the changes in their bodies and also to know that they are not going through it alone. This workshop aims to have young females informed about menstruation and their hygiene in relation to menstruation as early as possible. Mahlatse Goodwill foundation partnered with Mageba Wellness, experts in the Wellness and Hygiene field, to ensure that we provide the ladies with expert information and knowledge that will carry them through their journey. In the year 2021 Mahlatse Goodwill foundation and Mageba Wellness initiated the program at Ivory Park secondary school in Tembisa. We were able to raise enough funds to buy 800 pads that were distributed to the grade 9 girls at Ivory secondary school. Each girl received 3 packs of pads, 5 panty liners and two lollipops in their package. Period pride is now an annual program that we run during women’s month to celebrate women and young ladies and show sisterhood in disadvantaged communities. In the year 2022 we continued to ensure that we take part in reducing period poverty by hosting Period Pride 2022. The workshop was hosted at Ingqayizivele Secondary School in Tembisa any yet again we were able to provide packages with pads, panty liners and a sweet to the grade 9 and 10 girls of the school. Philgood Media was there to capture the whole day!

Phil Good Media House

Period Pride 2022 was captured by Philgood Photography and needless to say it was a huge success. The pictures and videos not only show the experience, the passion of our team, but most importantly the joy experienced by the girls. We would like to extend our gratitude to Phil Good Media House, for their professionalism, their kindness, and their services. Period Pride is not a success without each and every individual that contributes to it coming alive, therefore your services are appreciated. To everyone who contributed, from sharing our posts, donating pads and even donating money, thank you for believing in our initiative and helping us make a small difference one workshop at a time.

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