If you’re a parent, you’ve probably experienced this conundrum: Your kids are growing up fast and you want to preserve their babyhood. But you don’t have a lot of free time to take photos, and you don’t trust your phone camera. So, do you just give up? Of course not.
Family photography is one of the most preferred photography in its specialties, which is because of the special relationship between the photographer and a family. It is very true that family photography has some unique shapes and characters, which are more complex than among the general photography.

The cost of a family photoshoot varies based on the time of year, location, photographer, and number of people included in the shoot. Photoshoots for families typically take place at individual residences or locations that provide memorable scenery such as mountains, oceans, or lakes. A typical family photo shoot will include a photographer and two to three family members. Philgood Photography charge R2500 per family session 


I personally enjoy more  of the outdoor sessions if the family is big or has a lot of kids, this allows them to be free and enjoy the environment that they will be shooting which makes if more easier to get beautiful pictures without having to continuously ask for posing and their attention . Heres some examples of outdoor family photoshoot below. I have also created a mood-board on pinterest for family photoshoot themes that you can use .

If you are planning an indoor  or studio family photoshoot, it’s great if you get ideas from Pinterest and any other referrals . There are many examples of studio family photoshoots on our  web . With the help of these examples you can understand many things about studio family photoshoots.

Your outfits are very important when you consider the studio or indoors . Matching outfits makes the final look stunning and well organized , any colour combination can work but white tops are always outstanding on studio sessions. Have a look at the following examples below . Heads up our studio family photoshoot is slightly cheaper than the outdoor family photoshoot .

Let’s see what we’ve got here!

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