Difference between a Retouched photo vs a Edited photo

The difference between Retouched and edited photos

I always get those questions from clients 🙄 about why package 2 is more expensive than package. This is mainly because of the difference between the final product and the time i am putting into the project.

The main key point which has bought us to the blog is distinguishing between a retouched photo and a edited photo.

Edited photos which are mainly for events are just basic quick fix on the lighting, colour grading of the images . The final images looks perfect but its not 100 complete. Thats when retouch comes in.
Edited photos post production doesn’t take much time which makes it ever easier for us to deliver your images within a short period of time , whilst the event memories are still fresh and you and your loved will still be talking about. I personally love sending the final work within 3 to 4 days .

Now retouched photos are the fully edited versions . With these ones one can take between 5-45 minutes of editing one image . I know right , retouched photos takes forever. Why though? Great question.
Retouching evolves more editing skills and some of them include , removal of pimples, unwanted liter or background. We also do frequency separation and whitening teeth and eyes just to mentuon a few. Overall retouched photos are the ones that you get to see on big banners, advertising boards etc. We bring the look for you.

Jokes aside , i do get some requests from some of the clients that i should make them look younger or skinny or even tall. That can be done through retouching and obviously the extras requests comes at an additional charge.

Below is a comparison of an image that u took of Miss Lebo. Shes a professional model for Ice Model Johannesburg.
Edited image vs Retouched Images



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